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October 15th 2008 10月15日

Tomorrow should be a good day on the east coast, with forecasts showing a three meter swell. We’re heading to Shimei Bay for the first time this season! Should be at leasthead-high. 明日东海岸的浪况良好,预报有三米的浪高.我们将去石梅湾开始本季首次东海岸的冲浪之行,浪至少将高及头顶

October 14th, 2008 10月14日

Ysterday was pretty fun as the slop in Dadonghai cleaned up throughout the afternoon. Ths morning has messy, short-period waves with chest-high sets. If it cleans up like it did yesterday, it could b fun. By Thursday, the east coast should be working well. Stay posted. 昨天情况不错,尤其是在下午当大东海的浪变得不太乱时.今早的浪较乱,齐胸高的一组浪其间隔很短,如果可以变得整齐如昨日下午般,则会很理想.自本周四开始,东海岸的浪况趋于理想,我们将拭目以待.