January 2011

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January 28th 2011年1月28日

We’ll see chest-high waves tomorrow, and it is still looking really good for Sunday and Monday. Should be a foot or two overhead. Below is Ilena, a Russian friend of ours, who took a long-sleeve Surfing Hainan t-shirt and turned it into a dress. Cute and inventive. 明天会有胸高的浪。后大后天会大一点,比人高的浪。下图是我们俄国朋友艾丽娜。

Steven’s Blog – January Sessions

Here are a few pictures from recent sessions at Riyuewan.  These pictures are courtesy of a visitor at Riyuewan who was traveling through China with her mom and two sons.  Thank you, visitor, these pictures are better than any I’ve gotten all year.   Javier demonstrating some surfing skills.   And repeats.  The fisheye lens Read the full article…

January 26th 2011年1月26日

今天日月湾还有很好而特别舒服的浪。太阳出来了,天气热点。下图是今天Steven江浩恩拍的。太棒的一个照片了! Another super fun day up at Riyuewan. It was about chest-high at Ladies with just three of us until three or four more paddled out. Some nice clean waves were rolling through. Not quite as consistent as one would wish, but good enough. Gorgeous shot by Steve below. Javier at Ladies 来自美国加州的秘鲁人Javier在日月湾‘女生’玩一个非常漂亮的浪 See previous Read the full article…

January 25th 2010年1月25日

Another super fun day at Riyuewan. Chest- to shoulder-high sets coming through. Got some more good footage. It was a bit sunnier, but still not super clean. Warmer though, toasty in a full 3/2. 今天又是一个很好玩的一天。日月湾有胸高的浪。天气比最近热一点。这下来的四五天应该差不多。海南真实一个很棒的地方! This is George from Huntington Beach, California. He came here with his mate Drew from New Jersey for a ten-day Read the full article…

Video from January 23rd 2011年1月23日的视频

Chest- to shoulder-high on the set here in Riyuewan today. I took the gopro out and got some pretty decent, if not cloudy, video footage from the water. See video below. I got some clips of Joe, Tiezhuang, Lao Lai, an older Japanese surfer, and Javier Huarcaya from XTR. 今天在日月湾有胸高的浪。很好玩。看下面是我拍的视频。我用了我们新的照相机。  

Steven’s Blog – January 22, 2011

I’ve been in San Francisco for the past two weeks where the weather was on the cold and damp for the most part.  There were a few days in there that the temperature broke the 60 degree ceiling and the sun came out.  Sanya has SF beat for weather and sheer availability of late night Read the full article…