January 2011

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New clothing released! 新品到货!

最近新到一批T恤,长袖套头衫,帽子等,欢迎光临商店选购! We got some new Tees, long sleeved Tees, Truck hats, etc. Go to our Surf shop and check them out! 刘丹  

Moyu’s Blog – Best new year gift ever!

Yeahhhhhhhhh! I’ve got my new board today.Shaped by Joe,this 6’1 shortboard is pretty much my best new year gift ever! Thanks Fred ,the investor of SH!Thanks Joe for bringing it all the way from US to me!And thanks Surfing Hainan! It is pretty much the best surfboard I have had so far,and I know it Read the full article…