Darci’s Blog – Surfing Hainan Style冲浪海南风格

冲浪海南有一些很好看的服饰,但是一直都没有人把它展示出来。我今天把所有的服饰都整理了一下,请来铁庄做摄影师帮我拍了一组时装片。 顺便也可以作为我们的服装展图。 参观一下,价钱合理,如果想要买以下物请与我联系,或者是想要学习冲浪也可以联系我。

Surfing Hainan has some really good looking stuff, But no one is showing them, I realized i have to do something ,they need people to wear to have a life.hehe , So i  organized all the Clothing, Hats,Bags, asked TZ to be my Photographer, and we made some Fashion pictures. Check out what we have here, take look at the prices, and contact me if you want to bye anything from here, or have a surf lesson.



Tank Top From Surfinghainan . Two colors 4 styles . PRICE :80Rmb


Front 前面








Surfing Hainan Long Sleeve Shirt,Two Colors, PRICE: 150Rmb



Surfing Hainan Hat, PRICE: 150Rmb



Surfing Hainan Bag, PRICE: 50Rmb



Surfing Hainan Girls T-Shirt, Two colors, PRICE: 100 Rmb





Surfing Hainan Hat, Two Colors, PRICE: 50Rmb

冲浪海南帽子,两种颜色, 价格:50元


Surfing Hainan Hat, Two Colors, PRICE: 150Rmb

冲浪海南帽子,两种颜色, 价格:150元


Surfing Hainan Open  T-Shirt, Two Colors , PRICE: 100 Rmb

冲浪海南开赛T恤,两种颜色, 价格:100元

Front 前面




Surfing Hainan  T-Shirt, Two colors, PRICE: 100 Rmb


Front 前面




Steven’s Blog – Visa Run

The time of year came and went when I had to leave the country to get my passport stamped in order to maintain my legal status in China.  I made a quick three day stop in Taipei, which, like Hainan, is in the middle of an extended winter season.  Right now I’m in Sanya looking out at rain and sitting around in 65 degree weather, which seems a little unseasonable for springtime in the tropics.  I love visiting Taipei because you can go from the densest part of the city to mountainous forest in half an hour on the metro.  I met up with my sister Kate and her friend Brent, who were in town to find companies to source bike parts for their bicycle company that’s currently in the making.

I had great food and coffee in Taipei on my last visit five years ago but we were pretty unlucky this time around with a few nasty meals of steamed dumplings and watery Americanos.  Still, I shouldn’t complain because I lucked out on my hostel this time around.  I spent my first night at Taipei Hostel, where I was greeted with a grunt from the receptionist.  The t.v. room in the common area was filled with a few old people in blankets and a some pimply guys looking at a map.  After going exploring for a few hours at the Shilin night market I came back to the hostel and crawled into my bunk as quietly as possible, pulled a shade over my bunk and never really fell asleep even though I was exhausted.  On my second day I met up with Kate and Brent at our new hostel, which was much more agreeable than the first.  JV’s Hostel has comfortable accomodations, a friendly staff, and a nicely furnished common area with free food and plenty of people to chat with.  Yes, I’m blowing up JV’s over the internet whether they like it or not because travelers should know what’s good and what to avoid.  Now I feel bad for belittling Taipei Hostel.  I should say something positive about it… Even though some of the long term residents at Taipei Hostel are clearly insane, they won’t harm you as long as you avoid eye contact when they start whispering to themselves that the Twin Towers aren’t there anymore.

I won’t dwell on too many comparisons between Sanya to Taipei, but I have to say that Taipei has a big leg up on Sanya in terms of basic social etiquette.  You can’t go anywhere in Sanya without some sneaky bastard trying to cut you in line.  I get cut in the breakfast line waiting to buy a few baozi, the same goes for mailing a letter at the post office.  In Taipei no one dares cut in line because the system is set up to discourage it.  The subway platforms are marked with lanes for passengers to cue up for the trains.  All praise Taipei, the city of social etiquette.


Shilin night market.


Contrite shot of Taipei 101.


A blind man plays with a torch without burning himself.  Marvelous trick.


Rayden teleports into an urban farm.


Beautiful bumper crop.


Traffic scarecrow.


Hrrnngh, push me out!!


Get ’em, Samo!


Nicely done.




Hot springs near the outskirts of the city.


Not the best shot, but I was watching this pigeon coop from a cafe.  There was a man (not pictured) bringing the pigeons feed and poking around on the bottom floor where the chicken wire is.


The Gongs like Taipei.

Weekend Surf Forecast April 2-3 周末冲浪预报三月2-3日

After eight solid days of surf, the swell is finally shutting down. This weekend will see waist-hight waves on Saturday, and maybe a little smaller for Sunday. The below screenshot is for Saturday.


Check out the following forecast links for more detail on the swell.

Magic Seaweed

SUP Diary – Day 43 浆板日记 - 第43日

We’ve got the location sorted for the Biathlon, down at the beach in front of the Palm Beach Resort and Spa in Sanya Bay. So now we are able to confirm the routes for the SUP and Run.

The SUP leg will start from the ocean in front of the hotel, and then competitors will paddle east along the shore for 2.5 km, make a u-turn, and return to the same spot. Competitors will then run east down the beach for 2.5 km, and then turn around and come back to finish back at the same spot.

We are stoked to have to course sorted out! Going to go for a paddle tonight. Gotta get those numbers back up!


SUP Diary – Day 42 浆板日记

I just got back from my SUP paddle and run on this Brick Monday. Again, another busy week (and a bit of partying with the Skull Candy crew, to be fair)  meant I didn’t get any paddling or running in except today.

We are getting excited for the biathlon on May 15th. While we would love to hold it at our local Dadonghai Beach, it would be too crowded for the run portion. So we will hold the event in Sanya Bay. We are currently designing the course, and it will be available shortly.


Can’t wait!

Week Six Totals

As we wrote about in our Surf Report from Friday, we had a visit from the Shenzhen office of Skull Candy. Tom Bishop, the Director of Asian Operations is an old friend, having surfed with us before in 2009. A smart guy, he introduced me to the thought puzzle of Schrödinger’s cat on the bus ride back from Riyuewan on Saturday, and talked about our various exercise regimes. I was singing the praises of the SUP, while he was telling me about this super intense internet-based workout community, where members do a different workout everyday.

It was great to be able to get so many first-timers into the water for their surf lessons. And they were even nice enough to hook us up with headphones and some clothing for our instructors.

Tom in 2009

Tom on Friday

The stoke of the first wave

Hang on!


March 27, 2011年三月27日

We’re still in the middle of a swell that has been going off for about four days now and hasn’t let up yet.  The beach break was rough and disorganized, with most waves head high or above.  The point break had chest to occasionally overhead sets with strong offshore winds blowing at up to 13 knots.  Good fun and some really nice waves despite the wind.

Today we were joined by Flo and Paul from Germany.  These two last surfed nine months ago on a road trip to Portugal so by the end of the day they were both surfed out!





Flo and Paul from Germany.



Yeah, get some.


March 25th, 2011年3月25日

We’ve got a big group today up at Riyuewan – the entire Shenzhen office of Skull Candy, the headphones brand. Included in the group are some who can’t swim, so we busted out the life jackets to be extra safe. Good swell coming through at the moment, about head-high on the point. We’ve got our students at the beach break, while the local surfers are out at the point. The sun has just come out on this Friday afternoon, and everyone is having a blast.

今天我们有一个20多个人的对团,都来自深圳Skull Candy 公司的。今天的学生有一些不会游泳的人,所以我们提供了救生衣给他们用。浪比较大。太阳刚才出来了。真好的一个星期六!


Steven shows our Skull Candy crew the proper pop-up technique 江浩恩教学生怎么站起来


Where’s Gourou, everyone’s favorite overweight weiner dog? He came up with us today to make sure everything went smoothly



Success! 成功了!


Success! 成功了!


Success! 成功了!


Success! 成功了!


The Riyuewan point today 今天日月湾的主穴点


Unsuccessful 没有成功

SUP & Run Biathlon 浆板跑步两项竞赛

See live updates here!

Surfing Hainan will hold our first SUP/Run Biathlon on Saturday May 14th 2011. Competitors will first use a Stand Up Paddleboard to paddle five kilometers, and then return to the beach to the run five kilometers. The first event of it’s kind (and possibly the world), the event will take advantage of Sanya Bay’s beautiful ocean and long stretch of beach. International competitors from China, USA, Australia, and others are expected to participate. Download the entry form here。 The event press release is viewable here.



The race will be held in Sanya Bay, at the Wonder Beach Bar on Sanya Bay Road, near the airport. See the race map below. (The course was modifed on April 27th, for logistical reasons, to head west first instead of east)

About 关于

Surfing Hainan, founded in 2007, has brought the joy of surfing to thousands of people in Hainan, China’s tropical island province. Specializing in surf lessons (for individuals and groups),  stand up paddleboard lessons, with a wide variety of boards and equipment for rental and sale, Surfing Hainan can cater to all surfing needs. We have taught over 2,500 people to surf over the past five years.

Surfing Hainan has held four international surfing competitions,  many group surfing events, and beach clean ups. Our passion for bringing surf to China has been featured in much international media. We look forward to continuing on our path until there are surfers up and down China’s vast coast, and Hainan is known as the capital of China surf.

Located in Riyue Bay, a gorgeous beach on Hainan’s east coast, Surfing Hainan is right on top of China’s best surf spot.



From left to right – A Feng (sponsored local surfer), Steven, Brendan, Darci, Moyu (sponsored local surfer), and Julieta


March 22,2011年三月22日

Today we had onshore windy and nearly flat conditions for most of the day. By late afternoon the wind died down and small little lines were rolling onto the beach—a good indication for the swell that is expected to arrive tomorrow.

Today’s group hails from Barcelona, Spain. They taught me a phrase of Catalan but I’ve already forgotten. These guys did very well considering how small the waves were and later enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Mama’s over cold beer and a nice sea view.



今天的学生都是从西班牙巴塞罗那来的。他们教了我一句加泰罗尼亚话但是我已经忘记这么说! 他们冲得很好,尤其是因为浪很小和风大。他们享受了妈妈饭店的冷啤酒和漂亮的海风景。


Barça: mes que un club.


Go Roger, go!