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March 14th 2011年3月14日

We’ve got a really good swell coming in a few days. Wednesday through Saturday should all have at least head-high waves, with the peak coming on Thursday. We’re getting goosebumps thinking about it! The below screenshot is the forecast for Thursday afternoon. Wax em up boys and girls! 海南冲浪者注意!等三天有很好的浪要过来。星期三到星期六都会有人高的浪。最大的是星期四。下图是星期四下午的浪预报。

Moyu’s Blog – Beauty of DDH 漠雨的博客-大东海之美

Shot by an AM photographer.Da Dong Hai beach has always been our best playground. Fun surfs,great party vibe,holiday resort beach. We are looking forward to the new season of south swell.Good luck! 很美的一些大东海的远景照片,是一位海南的摄影家拍摄的。能够清楚的看见美丽的海岸和海浪。大东海一直都是我们最喜爱的冲浪地点,大家也一直期盼着能早点有浪来到大东海!    

Duke’s story

Stickers all over the world! Duke traveled to Qin dynasty to meet with Qin warriors at Terra cotta army.杜克穿梭至秦朝,拜访秦朝勇士们。就在秦始皇兵马俑。 before he left,he left the mark right in the entrance of the 8th wonder of world-terra cotta warriors 杜克走前在世界第8奇迹秦始皇兵马俑前留下了印记 Duke’s skin color fits the design of China telecom.杜克的肤色跟中国电信的设计颜色很配 Moyu as the best friend of Duke,pulled off Read the full article…

Julieta’s Blog – Weekly shots summary: Surfed out last week – 上星期的照片售

March 11th, 2011年3月11日 Last week didn’t lack for waves at all. We had two lovely chest-high swells, one a bit windy and choppy and an other one pretty clean and warm with no wind at all. Check out some of the pics I got from last week: 上星期有胸高浪非常好玩。 你们看一下上星期的冲浪照片: March 7th  – Me at Riyue Read the full article…

10th March, 2011年3月10日

Chest high clean waves at Riyuewan today. Tomorow still looking ok with a 2.3m swell and not much wind. 今天日月湾有 胸高的浪非常干净。明天还不错会有2.3米高的浪和还没有风。 Today we had some students from Russia, check out some of their pictures: 今天有俄罗斯的客人,你们看一下他们的冲浪照片: Sasha! Igor!

冲浪日记 Surf Diary

今天去后海冲浪了,本来计划早上9点跟亲爱的铁庄一起出发的,但是调的闹钟不起作用,睡过头了,等我醒来的时候铁庄他们都快到后来了,好失望以为今天去不了,但是铁庄告诉我坐28路车去那边。哈哈!太感谢你了亲爱的! 28路车又干净,又没人,酷。太幸运了,感谢上帝!  今天后海的我认为不怎么样(但是铁庄说好),没有前几天日月湾的浪好,上午的时候还算不错,浪来的很稳,也不扣,时而来几个大浪,不过下午的时候就很大的风,吹的浪好乱,很难抓到好浪。而且今天早上冲了一上午只有两个鳍板,下午更好脚绳断了两次,呵呵。但是今天还是有收获,首先教会了一个俄罗斯人冲浪,又教会了亲爱的吴竹怎么转浪。真开心! 冲完浪之后去纳绿拉玩,跟好久没见面的朋友们喝点小酒,聊点小绯闻八卦,呵呵。晚上9点多回到三亚,又去海豚庆祝Jarimy(中文名叫大变态)的生日,生日快乐! 明天计划先把工作搞定,下午去日月湾野营,好期待! I Went to surf in Houhai Today,My Plan was supposed to leave With TieZhuang at 9am, but i wake up 2 late,The time When i was wake up TZ already almost there, first i was so disappointing that ,But Later TZ told  me that i can actually take a  No.28 bus to Read the full article…