Friday, 29 April 2011年04月29日

Today we went back to Houhai, the waves were knee high in the morning and by the afternoon the onshore wind and the high tide take the waves away and became totally flat.

We had a couple form Austria and Elim from China, he had a lesson and did very well. Have a look to the pictures:

今天,我们回到后海, 上午有膝高的浪,下午没有浪。

一双噢地利的客人和Elim一个中国的冲浪学生。 看一看这些照片:





steve paddle


Weekend Surf Forecast April 30-May 1, 2011 周末浪预报四月30日-五月1日

Hi everyone, this weekend should gift us some nice waves in Dadonghai.  Saturday looks to have a 0.8 meter south swell, building to a solid 1.2 meters by Sunday, and holding out until Tuesday of next week.  The wind will be blowing onshore all weekend, so be sure to get out early for the cleanest waves of the day and to avoid the crowds.  Let’s hope the forecast holds and we can enjoy some waves outside our doorstep this weekend.  Picture of Sunday’s swell below.



April 27, 2010年四月27日

Today we went to Houhai for a change, hoping there would be some rideable waves in spite of the small swell this week.  At first glance Houhai looked flat but the wonderful thing about Houhai is that the bay is enormous, and sure enough, on the south side of the bay we found clean little longboard waves.  The swell is at half a meter tomorrow but will be a meter plus from Friday through the weekend.  Today we were joined by Steve and Sigrid from Austria and Gary from Korea.  There’s a nice sequence from today’s lesson below.





Julieta’s Blog – Surf Party! – 冲浪的派对!

25th April, 2011年04月25日

Sanya welcomed me back with a surf party right outside the shop.The summer has definitely started and it is nice to be back, everyone went out and we all had a great night together. And here you can see the proves:

三亚迎接我回来在俱乐部门口开了一个派对,夏天到了,而且很高兴回到这里,所有人都出来了大家在一起都玩得很高兴。 在这里看下:

shot gun

We had some drinks – 我们喝了些酒

DJ laoban 2

Dj Laoban, Brendan, play some good Dubstep for us – DJ老板,小龙,给我们放Dubstep

block party

Dj Moyu play some good music too – DJ莫雨也放了很好的音乐

skate park at the party

Some local skaters showing off at the new mini skate park – 本地的滑板手在小的U池上秀技巧

riyuewan ppl in the party

Even our friends from Riyuewan came by for some fun – 日月湾的朋友也来跟我们一起玩

DJ laoban

Dj Laoban – DJ老板

concert at party

A local rock band played too – 本地摇滚乐队

Our British friend Jon came all the way from Haikou to have a laugh with us, there he is showing his dancing skills –

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Darci’s Blog-Sanya surfers in DDH



Last week there were waves in DDH, not really big but definitely fun. All the surfers in Sanya came out to surf in DDH to welcome the summer. We all look forward to having more surf in DDH in the near future.

Below are some of the picture.



Lovely picture of Kate and Moyu


Good one Kate




Meng pop surfer TZ


DJ Moyu


A feng sponsored by SurfingHainan



Steve’s Blog – April Recap

This is going to be a disjointed blog of a few details from the month so far.  April has been a transitional month.  We’ve had the first waves from the south in over five months but it looks to be a few more weeks before we start seeing consistent surf in Dadonghai.  In the last few days the rain has started to come down in sudden downpours that last anywhere from five minutes to an hour.  The weather and water is heating up and we can now surf comfortably in Riyuewan without a suit or a neoprene rashguard.  Last night I was biking home in the middle of a downpour and when the headlights of cars passed me I could see steam rising off the asphalt.

Last week I was out on a night paddle and making my way back the shop.  I was blanking out staring at the reflection of Dadonghai’s neon swirling in the ocean water when a winged insect landed on my arm.  It was about the length of a fingernail and it had a double set of wings.  I brushed it off and kept going.  When I got back to the shop and set the board and paddle down I saw that there were swarms of them flying in the night air.  They flew to our shops flourescent lights by the dozen.  These insects were the same as the one that hit me out on the water but about twice the size.  Within a few minutes most of the insects began to lose steam and alight on the ground, waiting to get picked off by the gecko lurking behind the water tank.  They were all dead by the end of the night.  By the next day there was no trace of them because they were all eaten by bigger night creatures.

Oh yeah, Alien Dog (see September 2010) has puppies now.  Alien Dog knows how to care for her litter.  The puppies are staying dry under an abandoned bus and getting huge.

The wind has turned onshore this month but I still picked off a few waves at Riyuewan.  Thanks to Quinn for this pic.

A snake on the road found on the way to Dadonghai.  Really nice patterning on this one, not sure what it is.

The first waves of the season in Dadonghai!

Shop gecko taking down unidentified winged insects.

This local guy just a Koi fish on each arm…

…and this mermaid tat. 

Underneath this abadnoned bus there’s a something cool…

…why, it’s Alien Dog and her new litter!

This one’s name is Ah-Fat.


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Julieta’s Blog – Back in Hainan! – 我回海南了!

April 22nd, 2011年04月22日

Hola everybody! I’m back from some nice holidays!

Looks like last week I missed the first south swell of the year. I can’t wait for some summer waves at Dadonghai, just around the corner from the shop. Moyu sent me some old pictures he randomly found on a photo contest in a Chinese website of me surfing tiny waves in Dadonghai. When you like surfing everything becomes surfable. Check them out:


上周我错过了今年第一次南方向来的浪。我等不及夏天大东海夏天来浪的时候了。 莫雨给我发了一些夏天的时候我在大东海冲小浪的照片, 他在一个照片比赛的网站上随便找到的。 当你爱冲浪的时候每种浪都可以冲。看一下:

juli short oct

My old pumping position

October photo2

Five what? – 五个什么?


I wanna fly! – 我要飞!

I went on holidays to Denmark to visit Martin. I had a great time up there, I almost went surfing into the cold Nordic Sea but the wind was too strong and the messy waves didn’t inspire me to get in a winter wetsuit, I knew I would be back to the warm water soon.



Martin, my Danish host, came visit and surf at Riyuewan with us last December.

Martin,我在丹麦招待我的人,去年12 月他在海南来了看我们和跟我们去日月湾冲浪。

Looks like there is a learners friendly east swell for the whole week so come up for some surf lessons. We are also doing some nice tours on our SUPs to the bays near by Dadonghai.

Contact us for more information on surf lessons, SUP sessions and trips to the east coast.

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Weekend Surf Forecast April 23-24, 2011 周末浪预报四月23-24日

There will be small waves on the east coast this weekend and flat water in Sanya and the south-facing regions of the island.  This weekend’s swell height is increasing from one meter on Saturday to 1.2 meters by Sunday.  The wind will be blowing steadily onshore this weekend, lightest in the morning and evening and strongest in the mid-day through the late afternoon.  Look for small knee to waist high waves on the beachbreaks.  The photo of Sunday’s wave forecast is below.


这个周末有一些浪在海南的东边,但是三亚和所有海南南边的地方都没有浪。周日的浪比起周六的浪大一点。整个周末都有陆上风, 最大的风在中午到下午的时候,最轻的风是在早上和晚上。海滩上应该有膝高到腰高的浪。周日的浪预报照片是在下面。


April 20, 2011年四月20日

Today was a day of extremes.  We arrived at Riyuewan at high tide with strong lines of whitewater rolling onto the beach, which made the lessons challenging and gave the students an incredible workout.  We ended the day at low tide with mellow little waves rolling in, which I’m sure the students appreciated since they were already tired from the morning session.  Everyone did quite well especially considering how much energy we all spent in the ocean today.

Today’s swell was about 2 to 2.5 meters with waist to head high waves in the morning, dropping to knee to waist high waves by the late afternoon.  The wind was blowing onshore for the entire day, making for choppy conditions.




These guys were ready for a second and third session after an intense morning.  虽然早上的教课很辛苦但是他们再冲了三次。


Fortunately the afternoon’s waves were much easier to paddle through.  好在下午的浪没有早上的那么大。