April 2011

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April 5, 2011年四月5日

Today was cool and overcast, with chest high waves at the beach break and a steady onshore wind that made things a little messy.  Today we were joined by a Scottish family and a Dutch couple, all from Shanghai. 今天天气阴凉,海滩的浪是胸高但是有一点乱因为陆地的风开始吹。今天我们的客人是一个苏格兰的家庭和一个荷兰的夫妇,都是从上海来的。 To charge or not to charge?

April 4, 2011年四月4日

Today we had beautiful weather and decent waves for lessons.  The beach break had crumbly knee high waves that stayed pretty clean until the afternoon onshore wind picked up.  Today we had a big group of expats from Shanghai and a Basque gent from Qingdao. 今天的天气和海浪都很舒服,沙滩上有不错的齐膝高的浪,直到下午的时候,陆地的风开始吹。今天我们有一个外国人的团队,都是从上海来的,还有一位巴斯克人从青岛来的。 Success!   Nice shot.