Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons 立式桨板课程

Learn the great sport of riding a Stand Up Paddleboard with Surfing Hainan. When there aren’t any waves, SUPs are the next best thing. The rider stands on the board the entire time, and uses a two-meter long pad- dle to navigate over the water. It is excellent excersice, combining endurance and strengthening of core muscles. Surfing Hainan shows you the basics and helps you get the hang of this relatively easy sport. Then we head off to the headland at Riyue Bay, where we paddle over coral reefs and check out the headlands. Three hour lesson for 400 CNY per person.

跟冲浪海南学习很棒的运动站立式浆板划水。当没有任何浪的时 候,SUP(站立浆板)是另一个最好的选择,整个过程站在浆 板上,用浆在水里划水推动自己前行。是一项极好的健身运动方 式,结合核心肌肉和耐力的加强,我们会教你基本要领帮你找到 窍门,然后我们一起划水到日月湾另一头去,我们划水去的地 方到处都是珊瑚礁时。整个划水行程是两个小时,400元一人。


SUP Spin Off 桨板旋转

There hasn’t been much surf in the past week, so we did what we always do when it’s flat. Get the SUPs out and invent some new games to go make a scene in Dadonghai. This time it was the Stand Up Paddleboard Spin Off. The rules are simple. You get one minute to do as many complete rotations with the board as you can. See pictures below. We each took three turns, and so far Brendan is in the lead with 10 turns a minute, followed by Julieta with 8 turns a minute, and then Darci with 7 turns a minute. We’ll keep a running total and see who is the champion at the end of the summer.

最近都没什么浪可冲,所以我们还是玩我们平时没浪玩的东西,拿出站立浆板发明一些新的游戏在大东海玩,这次我们新发明的是浆板旋转,游戏规则很简单。你有一分钟的时间用浆板旋转一整圈看一分钟时间里你能旋转多少圈。看以下照片。我们每人玩三局,到目前位置最好的是Brendan在一分钟的时间里旋转了十圈, 接下来朱丽叶在一分钟时间里旋转了八圈,接到后面的是刘丹在一分钟时间里旋转了七圈。我们会继续执行练习计算总数看谁会是整个夏天的赢家.


Brendan gets ready while Julieta counts down. That stopwatch was broken by then end of the day. Water damage would be my prognosis.



Spin you fool, spin!




Here you see the stance – weight on the back foot to engage the fins. The further back you can get, the easier it is to make quicker and more complete turns. But then you run the risk of falling off. This stance is probably too conservative.




A minute feels like a small eternity when spinning in circles on an SUP. It didn’t help that we were all a bit hung over from                                Julieta’s birthday the day before



Darci’s turn to turn



Good positioning there from Darci



One must be careful not to hit the unattentive swimmers. Darci twice almost collided with this one Danish girl




Darci’s best go was her first one, as she didn’t fall off once



Julieta came up with a new style – spinning on the nose. Not easy to do, getting enough weight on the front to get the fins out of the water in the back



Go our Argentinian friend, go!



This is not easy folks!



All in all, a fun hour of SUP Spinning. Until next time…




May 23rd, 2011年5月23日

Some fun waves yesterday in Dadonghai, and we’ve still got a little bump coming through today. Get on it while you can, as it isn’t looking great for the next few days.


Kate getting a ride on the west side of Dadonghai this morning. She’s improved quite a lot since starting to surf the past few months.


May 22nd 2011年05月22日

Yesterday late afternoon turn up pretty good with waist to chest high waves. This morning we had clean longboard waves, knee to tight high. Pretty flat now at noon during the high tide. Looking forward for the 1m swell during the low tide in the late afternoon.


Tie Zhuang longboarding this early morning – 今天早上铁桩冲浪的照片。

Julieta’s Blog – Skating Hainan – 滑板海南

21st May 2011年05月21日

There is a new mini skate park just outside the shop so now many locals and tourist skaters come to visit us. Have a look at some pictures:


german skater

Felix (picture on top) and his friends from Germany passed through Sanya on their trip in Asia for some surf. They are all very good skaters, you can check out their blog at –


chinese skater2

Local skaters – 本地滑板手

kids mini ramp
After school skate session on the mini ramp – 下课滑板的时候!


Alien dog puppies sponsored by Surfing Hainan performing a tandem skating trick – 小狗双滑板!

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Weekend Surf Forecast May 21-22, 2011年五月21-22日周末浪预报

Hi everyone, it looks like a promising weekend.  Saturday and Sunday are showing a one meter south swell that will last through Tuesday.  We should see waist high waves here in Dadonghai.  The wind is blowing from the southwest this weekend; lightest in the morning but should stay at five knots at most.  Low tide is at 21:48 and 22:37 on Saturday and Sunday respectively.  Saturday’s pic below.