June 30th 2011年6月30日

The waves continue in Dadonghai, Chest high clean beautiful line ,  perfect for Longboard and SUP and even a Shortboard.  Low tides it’s at 18:26. Nice sunny weather, temperature it’s 27°C-32°C, definitely want to wear sunblock when you out surf.



East of  Dadonghai Bay 大东海东面

At the front of the shop face30

At the front of the shop 俱乐部正前面


West of Dadonghai Bay 大东海西面





June 29th 2011年6月29日

Today waves in Dadonghai it’s about shoulder-high, good for Longboard and Shortboard,  today low Tide it’s  at 17:50 . waves should be better at that time.

今天大东海的浪跟肩平齐,适合玩长坂跟短板,今天大东海退潮的时间在17:50. 到那个时候浪应该会更好一些。


West side of DDH 大东海的西边


West side of DDH 大东海的西边


East side of DDH 大东海东面















June 28th 2011年6月28日

Today there are knee to thigh high  waves at Dadonghai, pretty good longboard or SUP waves. As the tide will get extremely low at 4pm, the best time to surf might be in between tides around noon.

今天在大东海有膝到大腿高的浪,很好玩的长板和桨板的浪。因为今天4下午点钟有潮得很退,所以中午应该是 最好的冲浪时间。

06.28 right side

West side of the bay – 在大东海湾的西边。

06.28 left side

East side of the bay – 在大东海湾的东边。


Waves Get Smaller, Adjust Accordingly


Julieta shows today’s student, Zhao He from China’s Xibei, the leash trick. When carrying a surfboard, it is best to pick up the slack of the leash with your hand that is holding the surfboard. If you don’t, the potential to trip over your leash is great, leaving you looking like a fool. Surfing Hainan wants you to surf well, and look good doing so!


Zhao He gets up


Jeff checks the remaining swell




For knee-high waves that roll in but don’t break until they hit the shore, an SUP is the way to go