June 2011

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June 15th, 2011年6月15日`

今天早上在日月湾有大腿高的浪。夏天好热的一天! Up in Riyuewan early this morning. Knee- to thigh-high waves coming through. Another gorgeous sunny summer day here in Hainan. Small waves 小浪 Darci and Rebecca catch up 刘丹和小Rebecca聊天 、 Mama looking pretty interesting today, with a silver lips shirt and a Sunday church hat 妈妈今天的衣服非常不错!

Canadian Broadcast Centre

The following originally appeared on the Canadian Broadcast Centre website. You can hear the radio piece there as well. Hainan Island, China…surfer girl catches waves here Dispatches is always banging on about the changes emerging from the superheated economy of China. But sometimes even we’re surprised at the form it takes. Surfing for example. Who Read the full article…

Darci’s Blog大东海可以冲浪了Time to surf in DDH

大东海的浪已经维持了差不多有一个礼拜啦,每天都有浪,上周六是最好的浪,退潮了浪很有力不乱,而且没风抓到浪后可以走很长时间。后面的几天里每天的浪都在胸高的位置,很适合新手学习练习,以下有一些我在这周冲浪的照片。 This week we almost had a full week waves, every day had waves about chest-high. The best day was Saturday, very clean, low tide, no wind, and waves about head high. The rest of days waves were smaller, but very good for beginners to learn and practice. Below are some photos from this week. Read the full article…