The Last of Nock-Ten

Nock-Ten moved pretty quickly west over Hainan, but still gave us four days of good surf.  This is the last of it, in Dadonghai, when the sun finally came out.



July 30th 2011年07月30日 13:30 Update – 更新

Typhoon Luotan isn’t as big as we expected, according to the forecast today the swell decreased to a 2.6m,it looks around shoulder high. There is no wind but still a bit messy now. Should get better in the afternoon, low tide will be at 18.30.

据预测,今天有2.6米高的浪,差不多肩膀高。 现在风静了但浪仍有点乱。这个下午应该是比较好, 退潮是下午6.30点。

07.30 Aussi

More and more people from Oz coming to surf Hainan

07.30 Daniel (2)

Today 13:00

07.30 left

Dadonghai 9am  – 大东海 9am

Darci’Blog “Luotan” ” 洛坦”

“洛坦”是2011年的第一个台风直接袭击到海南岛的, 这次台风是从菲律宾传过来的,是从海岛的东面开始登陆的,岛上东海岸在前两天就已经有很好的浪了,大东海从昨天下午才开始有浪的。昨天下午的浪尺寸还不错但是因为风的原因影响了浪的形状变得很乱,今天早上10中左右“洛坦”就离开了这里,所以现在没什么风了,下午退潮后浪可能变得更好。

“Luotan” the first typhoon directly hits to Hainan in 2011, The typhoon passed over from the Philippine, hits to the east of the island first, so there’s swells at east coast from two days ago, but Dadonghai only start to pick up yesterday afternoon, the waves is ok , but because the wind waves are to messy, this morning around 10 “Luotan” left , so now it’s not too windy and afternoon lowtide the waves will be better.


朱丽叶装备好在台风中骑车回家Julieta get really to ride bike home


黄文7月29日在日月湾A wen in Riyuewan


马特7月29日在日月湾 Matt in Riyuewan


铁庄7月29日在日月湾 TZ in Riyuewan





July 29th 2011年07月29日 Typhoon Update – 台风更新

Dadonghai is still flat but some locals have told me that yesterday some spots in the east coast went off.

According to the forecast, this late afternoon the swell might change direction from north-east to west, and tomorrow it should turned to south swell. The wind shouldn’t get stronger than 10 knots. This means that we might get some pretty good waves at Dadonghai soon. Check out the following  Magicseaweed Swell Chart Maps:



07.29 swell map1

Today afternoon forecast: 6 to 9 ft  west swell –

07.29 swell map2

Saturday 30th 7am: 9 to 12ft south-west swell –

07.29 flat rainy

This morning’s disappointment at Dadonghai –


July 27th, 2011年7月27日

No two ways about it. It is flat today. Not California ‘flat’, where there is still a ridable wave in the water. Hainan ‘flat’, meaning like a lake. But Typhoon Nock-ten is still looking good to produce some waves for us. She will come really close to Hainan, if not hit us directly, so we will definitely suffer from a day or two of blown out madness. But if you are able to make it down to Hainan this weekend, come join the madness!



Weekend forecast: Typhoon waves! – 周末预测:台风的浪!

There is a typhoon coming from Philippines that should hit Hainan on Friday for the whole weekend, so get ready and book your tickets to the Island.


According to the forecast, a 4m southwest swell will hit Dadonghai from Saturday to Sunday; with low wind on Saturday morning and off-shore winds on Sunday afternoon. Although on Monday the swell will decrease to half of the size, the wind will completely die so we reckon that it will be the cleanest day. We will report an update later on the week.

07.26 forecast swell Wednsday 07.26 forecast swell friday

Wednesday 27th: Typhoon is over passing Philippines. Friday 29th: Typhoon getting closer to Hainan.

07.26 forecast swell saturday 07.26 forecast swell Sunday

Saturday 30th: Hitting Hainan,  8 to 10 feet south-west swell. Sunday 31st: 12 to 15 feet south-west swell.

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