July 2011

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July 24th 2011年07月24日

We had knee high waves today at Dadonghai, the sunshine came back and the water finally got a bit warmer. Have a look to our today’s lesson pictures: 今天大东海的浪膝盖高,太阳又回来了水也终于又暖和些了。看看以下我们今天上课的照片: Rob Rob Jim Paul and I went for a SUP session this morning to the Mandarin Oriental 早上我和Paul划桨板去文华东方酒店吃早餐  

Wax! 蜡!

We got a factory shipment of surf wax, and the stuff is pretty good! Beads really well. Just in time, as Surfing Hainan, the only wax supplier in town, was dangerously close to running out。 我们通过工场做了一些新的蜡,而且很好用。打出来的蜡粘性很好。到的时间刚好冲浪海南是整个岛上唯一一家店可以买蜡。 Darci and I Tom Sawyered our mates into helping out with some cutting 刘丹和我们朋友帮我们剪 Darci folds 刘丹在叠外壳 Product packaged Read the full article…

July 21st 2011年7月21日

Today waves in Dadonghai it’s smaller than yesterday ,  the highest wave it’s about waist hight. still very good for Long board perfect for sup. today lowtide it’s about all day. 大东海的浪开始小起来了,今天最高的浪差不多腰高,玩长坂还是不错,玩浆板最适合了。今天一天差不多都处于低潮状态。  

Darci’s Blog 冲浪派对Surf Party

大东海有浪的时候就很热闹,所有的冲浪人齐聚在海里就像是开冲浪派对一样。我前两天冲浪受了点小伤不能冲浪就只能坐在沙滩上给他们拍照,这也是很享受的一件事。 When there’s swell in Dadonghai everytime it’s so crowd it’s like surf party in the ocean, I  hard my self two days ago (got cut from fin) so now i cant get in water for couple days, than i sat on the beach take photo for them it’s also very fun things to do, Read the full article…