July 2011

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July 13th 2011年7月13

Knee high waves today at Dadonghai,from the line you can see big waves is coming . right now it’s good for long board. after 5pm waves will be bigger. 现在大东海膝盖高的浪,看看这个横线可以知道大浪要来了。现在时刻是玩长坂的好浪,下午5点后浪会变得更大些。      

Qiu Zhou, Surfer Kid

In the years that Surfing Hainan has been here, we’ve see a lot of progress with getting more and more Chinese in to surfing. One of the discouraging things has been the lack of children getting in to the sport. Perhaps it is because parents think it is too dangerous, or too much of a Read the full article…

July 12th Afternoon Update 7月12日下午更新

Thigh- to waist-high waves coming through now. Julieta and Darci are out giving lessons. It’s looking like we will have some decent waves later this week, as a 1.5m swell comes in and grows over the weekend. Not a bad summer season at all so far. 大东海现在有大腿高的浪。朱丽叶和刘丹现在给教练。学生都学的很快!安居浪预报,这个星期每天都有浪。这个夏天已经不错了!