July 2011

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July 10th 2011年7月10日

Thigh-high waves today. Perfect for learning. Looking similar for the next few days, with our next chance at a decent swell coming next weekend. We’ll keep you posted on that over the next few days! 今天有大腿高的浪,对学习特别合适的。接下来的两三天都差不多。等下个周末才有更大的浪。

July 9th 2011年07月09日

Knee high waves today at Dadonghai. Not much difference in between tides so it won’t affect the conditions during the day. The tide chart has been updated and it is ready to be downloaded. Download the 2011 Tide Chart (July through December) as xls or pdf. 今天在大东海有膝盖高的浪。 今天整天有好玩的浪,因为没有差异退潮和涨潮的之间。 下载2011三亚潮汐表xls 或 pdf。

Summer Day in Sanya

I went for a short run this morning after waking up. Headed down to work and got an email confirming a presenting sponsor for the next Surfing Hainan Open. Ate some sushi for lunch from this new place in Dadonghai. Sanded some boards with Julieta. Went for a ocean swim, then taught a Chinese Australian Read the full article…