July 2011

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Customers by Country

I updated our customer by country breakdown. Scroll over to see how many customers we’ve had from individual countries since Surfing Hainan started in 2007.

Oliver’s Movie Premier

This is Oliver, a good friend of ours. He was in Hainan for six months last year, then left for Thailand before coming back a few weeks ago. While he was away, he put together his footage from last year’s Surfing Hainan Open, and he had the premier at Dolphin Bar on Saturday night. We’ll Read the full article…

July 2nd 2011年7月2日

Today waves in Dadonghai it’s small about knee-high, still alot of  people riding Longboard , now is high tide after 18:30 is low tide so might be will get better. 今天大东海的浪小多了只有膝盖高,但是还是有很多人可以玩长坂,现在是涨潮的时候,下午18:30就退潮了,到时候浪可能会好很多。

July 1st 2011年07月01日

There is a 1.1 swell heating Dadonghai bay that might be enough for a nice longboard session in the afternoon. Because of the extremely low tide the best time to surf will be in between tides (from 13.00 to 16.00). 今天在大东海有1.1米高的波浪,为一个下午的长板冲浪这是够。今天下午6点钟有潮得很退,所以从下午1点到4点应该是 最好的冲浪时间。 West side of the bay – 在大东海湾的西边。 At the front of the shop Read the full article…