August 2011

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August 12th 2011年8月12日

waves it’s about same like yesterday, some line but breaking really close to the beach, but now it’s hightide, after 14:00 it’s lowtide waves should be better . 今天的浪跟昨天差不多,很多横线浪但是都扣的太靠近沙滩了,不过现在是潮高时间,14:00以后退潮到时候应该会好些。

Darci’s Blog New generation surfers 新一代的浪人

最近在大东海可以看到有很多的小朋友在水里在冲浪,大概都是7-10岁左右的。 以前在海里我们是新一代现在终于被取代了。其实在国外小孩冲浪是非常普遍的,只要是住在热带岛屿的小朋友们从小都开始学习冲浪,在中国因为很多人都不太了解冲浪,所以对于冲浪会有很多的疑问。 其实小朋友学习冲浪比起成年人要更容易简单,小孩子灵活性强,反应快,运动细胞好。只要他们用心学,会进步的很快,小朋友学习冲浪时最主要的是要学会在水里好好保护自己,防止被板打到。 Recently you can see alot of  kids surfing in Dadonghai. They are about from 7-10 years old.  I used to be the youngest surfer in the water, but not anymore. The kids are taking over now. Actually in  alot of foreign country so many kids learn how to surf, especially in a Read the full article…

Local Kids

These local kids come by every day and ride their snake skateboards every day in the parking lot.

August 8th Afternoon Update 8月8日下午更新

Belly-high and very very consistent. A set coming every two to three minutes. A bunch of lessons this afternoon. Check out our students! 肚子高的浪。很多,不用等很长时间有浪过来。今天下午有很多学生上我们的冲浪课程。 Mother of a family of four from the Netherlands The youngest daughter The eldest daughter Triumphant He insisted upon wearing the goggles, even though we tried to talk him out of Read the full article…

August 8th 2011年08月08日

Clean waist high waves. Low tide 2:51pm. Looks like it will get better over the day. Have a look to the pictures of this morning’s session. 今天有干净的腰高波。退潮是下午3点钟。下午浪可能会比较好。 请你们看一下这个早上冲浪的照片。 Martin from Denmark Kate, Laolai and Mike on a party wave Moyu Kate from Ukraine