August 2011

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August 7th 2011年8月7日

The waves it’s like yesterday, about  knee high very clean, good for lesson, longboard, SUP, today whole day will be lowtide. Julieta is giving  a lessons. 今天的浪跟昨天很相似,差不多膝盖高非常的干净,很适合教学,玩长坂,浆板,今天全天都是低潮。朱丽叶在给别人上课。                            

August 5th 2011年8月5日16:50 Update-更新

下午浪很适合学习,有两位学生今天下午,一个女孩子 Sarah是来自德国的,还有一位是Mark来自美国的男孩,他们今天都是第一次学习冲浪,都表现的非常好。 Afternoon waves it’s really good for lesson, we have two students in this afternoon, one girl Sarah she is from German, another guy he is from USA, today is the first time for them to learn how to surf, both of them did very good job. Sarah Mark           Read the full article…

August 5th 2011年8月5日

  Knee high waves in DDH today, good for longboard and SUP. perfect for lesson . high tide 15:00 low tide 17:00. waves might be better after 5pm.  今天大东海差不多膝盖高的浪,可以玩长坂跟浆板,非常适合学习。15:00的时候开始涨潮 17:00就退潮了,退潮后浪可能会更好一些。

Darci’s Blog Yeeeaaah 耶!!!!!!

今天天气很不错也有点浪,差不多到膝盖高。下午有两个学生学习,今天的浪很适合学习的,两个学生都学的很好,也抓了好多的浪。 晚饭后大家都在店门口玩的很开心,快乐的一天又结束了,天上的云彩也高兴的给了我们一个“耶”的手势。 The weather is very nice today also with a bit waves, about knee high. in afternoon have two students, today the waves it’s perfect to learn , the students caught a lot of waves. after dinner everybody is hang out outside of the shop, had so much fun ,  another happy day to end. look up Read the full article…

August 4th 2011年8月4日

After flat we see some line again, about knee high waves break on the west side of the beach. perfect for longboard and SUP.  tides drop at 17:00 平静之后我们终于又能看到一些横线了,差不多膝盖高的浪在大东海的右边,完美的的长坂跟浆板浪。下午5点是退潮时间  

Darci’s Blog Lillo is back 利罗回来了

利罗一个意大利人本地冲浪手,也是我的好朋友。他回去意大利差不多一个月了现在刚回到三亚就来俱乐部报道。 Lilllo a Italian local sufer, also my “best friend”, just come back from his holiday. back right on time for the good swell. practise outside of the shop 在俱乐部门口练习