September 2011

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September 28th 2011年9月28日

This morning in Dadonghai have some clean sets about belly high, no windy and lowtide. now it’s high tide time , wait till 5pm tide will drop. Waves will be better at that time. 今天早上大东海有很干净差不多肚脐高的浪,每风而且是低潮时间。现在涨潮了要等到下午5点才回退潮。退朝后又会很好的。                        

Julieta’s Blog – Summer season waves in Hainan – 夏天的浪在海南岛

From May to September the swell gets to Hainan mostly from the south, that’s why during the summer Dadonghai Bay becomes the most popular surf spot in the island – even if it isn’t the only break working. 因为从5月至9月浪涛在海南大多从南边来到,所以在这个岛,大东海湾成为夏天时的最流行的冲浪地方 – 即使还有浪在别的湾。 Waves during the summer are not as consistent as during the winter but we Read the full article…

Brendan’s Blog – Go Go Go!

Every surfer who has fallen in love with the sport and done it regularly for a few years learns the feeling. Having to really dig hard for a wave, with one hundred percent commitment, confident that you can catch this relative monster with their modified plank. Engage, match, then supercede the speed of the aquademon. Read the full article…

September 24th 2011年9月24日

Because the east swell bringing some shoulder-to-head-high waves to Riyuewan. but it’s very windy and at the point  waves it’s not that powerful, you have to stay on the right place where the waves break at . but the beach break it’s strong and clean. tomorrow should continue. 因为东方风浪的原因给日月湾带来了一些肩到头高的浪。但是风很大在主穴点的地方浪不是很有力,你要呆在正确的地方浪扣的位置才好抓浪,但沙滩浪很有力而且干净。明天应该会继续有浪。 Beach break  沙滩浪  

Feel grateful 感激

I like to laugh, because I always feel happy, I think  i’m very fortunate .  always have had good fortune, good friends and a good family. In China it’s not every girl that knows how to swim, but I was lucky enough to live in the tropical island, and became to a surfer girl.  People spend money to Read the full article…

Weekend Forecast 周末预报

The word on the Yezi Wuxian (extra points if you get that) is that the first east swell of the season is already bringing some chest- to shoulder-high surf to Riyuewan. We’re headed up tomorrow. It’s looking good for the weekend indeed. Should get to head-high, probably a little bigger. 文字叶子无限(猜对加分)这个季节的第一个东岸风浪已经给日月湾带来了一些胸到肩高的浪。我们明天就会去日月湾,周末看起来很不错,可能会到头高,可能会更大一点。 The swell direction with Read the full article…