September 2011

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September 21st 2011年9月21日

Today in Dadonghai there are some waves about knee high,  the swell it’s start to pick up, today lowtide it’s at 14:00. it’s also the best time to surf.  now it’s perfect time for lesson. 今天大东海有点浪差不多膝盖高,浪在慢慢的向上涨,今天低潮时间在14:00 也是今天冲浪最好的时间。 现在是学习的最好时间。                          

September 20th, 2011年9月20日

Knee- to thigh-high waves as tiny south swell dies out.  Looking good for the weekend on the east coast, as we enter our transition season. September and October can get either south or east swell, and then by November it is the proper east season. 膝盖到大腿高的浪,来自南方的小海浪已经快消失了。这个周末东海岸线应该不错,现在正当进入转变季节,九月和十月可以得到浪或者是东方浪,但直到十一月的时候就完全是东岸浪。   Some pics from today. It was Artem from Read the full article…

Brendan’s Blog – Back in Hainan 小龙的博客-回来海南了

I spent three weeks in the the US seeing family. Lots of outdoor activities in Hilton Head, South Carolina. 我刚才回来海南了,上来的三个星期。在我父母那里很漂亮 SUP in the salt marsh 在鹽沼玩桨板 One of the dolphins that call the marsh home 鹽沼里面的海豚 Dolphin and my mom 海豚和妈妈 An alligator at the lagoon 潟湖的一个鳄鱼 Now I’m back in Hainan, back to the thrill of Read the full article…