September 2011

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September 12th 2011年09月12日

Today the swell looks bigger than yesterday, the tide still to high for a good session. Low tide will be at 17:55 so It should get better from 3 o’clock in the afternoon. 今天的浪看起来像高一点, 但是现在是涨潮,所以浪很小。下午退潮是6点钟,所以差不多3点钟浪应该会是好一点。 Yesterday 4pm – 昨天下午4点钟的浪。 Today 10:30am – 今天早上的浪。

Sept 10th Weekend Forecast Update – 9月10日周末预测更新

According to the forecast there should be a 2m east swell by tomorrow Sunday 11th that hopefully might bring some waist high waves to Dadonghai as well. By Monday 12th it is predicted a 1.9m south-east swell. No wind but a bit rainy on both days. 据预测,明天应该有2米高东方浪,我们希望会带来一些腰高的浪在大东海。周一可能有一些1.9米高东南方浪。两天都没有风但是下雨一点。 forecast map for Sunday 11th forecast Read the full article…

September 10th 2011年09月10日

This morning there is a small break at both extremes of the bay, It might get bigger in the afternoon during the low tide. Low tide 17.10. According to the forecast today there should be a 1.4m east swell in the afternoon. 今天早上有一些好学小的浪。下午退潮浪可能会比较大。 退潮时是17点钟。据预测今天下午应该有1.4米高的东方浪。