November 2011

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November 28th 2011年11月28日

今天天气不错,而且日月湾有差不多膝盖高的浪,没风很干净,适合玩长坂,也有人在玩短板。 Today wather is really nice, even have some knee-high waves, no wind very clean, fun for longboard , also some guy are riding a shortboard. Darci Brendan Justin Darci and Brendan on a same wave. 刘丹和小龙抓同一个浪                

November 18th 2011年11月18日

上星期日月湾的浪还不错,预报显示从下个礼拜一开始连续一个星期都会有好浪。 This week in Riyuewan Waves are pretty good, looks like only the weekend have no waves, from next Monday we will have really good swell coming. and will hold it for the whole week. 星期一 Monday 星期二 Tuesday 星期三 Wednesday                        

November 16th 2011年11月16日

今天日月湾的浪有肩高,不乱但有风从沙滩吹像海里,主穴点很适合长板,可以走很长时间,不过今天靠右边的沙滩浪也很远很长。明天继续会有浪,而且风会更小。 Today waves in Riyuewan about shoulder-high,Offshore Wind,Perfect Longboard waves at the point break, Today on the right side of the beach break also can have very long ride. Tomorrow should have less wind . 主穴浪 Piont 主穴浪 Piont 沙滩浪 Beach break              

November 14th 2011年11月14日

从明天开始东岸线会有一些好的浪,星期二到星期三可能会有头高的浪但因为风大浪可能受到影响。星期四的风不太大应该会是最好的一天。 Starting tomorrow there is a swell coming to the east coast. Tuesday and Wednesday should have head-high waves, but the wind will be quite strong those days. Thursday should be the best with lighter winds. 星期二 Tuesday 星期三 Wednesday 星期四 thursday                           Read the full article…

Julieta’s Blog – Noseriders at Riyuewan – Noseriders 在日月湾

During the last week of October, some of the best noseriders in the world – including Sam Bleakley, Wingnut, Matt Cuddihy, Harrison Roach, Harley Ingleby, Bay Bay  and Chou Wen Ling – were surfing Riyuewan’s waves. Have a look to some noseriding photos: 当10月的最后周, 一些在世界的最好的noseriders* – 包括Sam Bleakley, Wingnut, Matt Cuddihy, Harrison Roach, Harley Ingleby, Read the full article…

November 11th, 2011年11月11日

今天在日月湾天气完美但浪小。这个周末浪更小。等下个星期二才会有大浪回来。 It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Riyuewan. Small waves though, about thigh- to waist-high on the main point. It’s looking pretty tiny for the weekend, with our next swell coming next week, around Tuesday it should start hitting.