December 2011

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December 31st, 2011年12月31日

Wow December was an amazing month of surf. Waves every day. A head-high swell coming through and it should stay pretty similar throughout the week. Head-high, cean lines. Nobody out Beautiful

December 29th, 2011年12月29日

The sun has come out over the past few days. And as Hainan surfers know, that means the swell has died down. Belly- to chest-high surf in Riyuewan today. It should pick up over the next few days to get in the head-high range. 这几天太阳出来了。海南冲浪者都知道这个代表浪小了。今天的浪有雄高。明后天会大一点,到人高的狼。 The view from the bridge over the high-speed train 高铁桥的海景 Read the full article…

Getting to Riyue Bay 到达日月湾

Riyuewan is located on Hanan’s southeast coast, 1.5 hours by car from Sanya, and 2.5 hours from Haikou. Driving Riyuewan is on the Eastern Expressway, 120 km north of Sanya and 240 km south of Haikou, in between the Xiangshuiwan exit to the south and the ShimeiBay/Xinglong exit to the north. After taking the exit, Read the full article…

Surfing Hainan Has A New Home!

After four and a half years in Dadonghai, Surfing Hainan has moved to Riyuewan. We will be operating out of the Riyuewan Surf Club, located directly on the beach. In our travels here, we have found Riyuewan to be the best surf beach in Hainan, with year-round surf and a selection of waves suitable for Read the full article…