December 29th, 2011年12月29日

The sun has come out over the past few days. And as Hainan surfers know, that means the swell has died down. Belly- to chest-high surf in Riyuewan today. It should pick up over the next few days to get in the head-high range.


The view from the bridge over the high-speed train 高铁桥的海景

A bit of morning sickness of the point 日月湾主穴点

Hainan Surf Lessons 海南冲浪教练

At Surfing Hainan, we have brought the joy of surfing to thousands of people since 2007. Our hands-on instruction ensures our students learn the fundamentals of surfing in a safe and fun manner, with water safety and knowledge an important part of the experience. We show you how to handle yourself and your board in the water, as well as teach you about the nature of waves and surf conditions.


While surfing is a complex sport that can take a lifetime to master, anybody with a decent level of physical fitness and determination can be sure to be standing and riding waves within the first day.


400 rmb for a two hour lesson, including surfboard and rashguard/wetsuit as needed. An additional 50 rmb to use the surfboard for the rest of the day. To book lessons, email, or call Brendan on (86) 13519800103.












Getting to Riyue Bay 到达日月湾

Riyuewan is located on Hanan’s southeast coast, 1.5 hours by car from Sanya, and 2.5 hours from Haikou.


Riyuewan is on the Eastern Expressway, 120 km north of Sanya and 240 km south of Haikou, in between the Xiangshuiwan exit to the south and the ShimeiBay/Xinglong exit to the north.

After taking the exit, continue along the road, which will curve left along the beach. The Surf Club is 200 meters down the road.

By Taxi

A taxi from will cost about 250-300 rmb from Sanya, and 300-350 rmb from Haikou. Here are instructions for a taxi driver.
From Haikou 2.5 hours / 300-350 rmb
From Sanya 1.5 hours / 250-300 rmb

By High-Speed Train

Take the train to Wanning station, and then take a taxi to Riyuewan. The taxi should cost about 80 rmb.
From Haikou 2 hours / 140 rmb
From Sanya 1.5 hours / 120 rmb

By Bus

There are no buses that go directly to Riyuewan, but one can get a bus to the expressway exit and walk from there (about ten minutes).

From Sanya – The Sanya bus station is located on Jiefang Lu. Take a local bus to Wanning, which is north of Riyuewan. Tell the bus driver that you want to get off at the Riyuewan expressway exit 我要在东线日月湾出口下车。Walk up the expressway exit and down to the road to the beach.
2 hours / 40 rmb

From Haikou – Haikou’s south bus station (南站) is located on Nanhai Dadao 南海大道). Take a local bus to Lingshui, which is south of Riyuewan. Tell the bus driver that you want to get off at the Riyuewan expressway exit 我要在东线日月湾出口下车。Walk up the expressway exit and down to the road to the beach.
3 hours / 60 rmb



从海口2 .5 /300-350
从三1.5 / 250-300





Surfing Hainan Has A New Home!

After four and a half years in Dadonghai, Surfing Hainan has moved to Riyuewan. We will be operating out of the Riyuewan Surf Club, located directly on the beach. In our travels here, we have found Riyuewan to be the best surf beach in Hainan, with year-round surf and a selection of waves suitable for all skill-levels.

We have had an incredible time in Dadonghai, and to everyone that was a part of it, we look forward to our new chapter in Riyuewan.