January 2012

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January 30th, 2012年1月30日

Building swell currently at belly-high. Overcast and windy. Should be chest-high for tomorrow, down to belly-high for Wednesday and Thursday morning, then building to shoulder- to head-high for Friday and Saturday. Some pics from the last few days below.今天日月湾有肚子高的浪。明天浪应该是雄高,然后星期三,四会小一点,肚子高。星期五,六大一点,应该有人高的浪。下面有这两天的照片。 On the Riyuewan beach break today 今天日月湾沙滩点 Maroubra native Clifton, getting up to the nose on Read the full article…

January Surf Video 1月冲浪视频

See the below video of some water footage shot in Riyue Bay during a few free surf sessions over the Hainan Cup. Some great surfers in the water!下面是比赛时自由冲浪拍的。有很好的冲浪高手!

January 6th, 2012年12月6日

Consistent head-high waves coming through today. Lots of pros on the point tearing it up. The forecast is looking a bit better for the coming week, with the swell staying in the two-meter range, which translates in to chest- to shoulder-high waves here in Riyuewan. 今天日月湾有人高的浪。这下来的一个星期都不错。会有雄高的浪。