February 2012

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February 22nd, 2012年2月22日

It’s so foggy out there right now I can’t even post a picture. Looks about belly-high. This is the tail end of an amazing swell. And it’s not looking good for the coming week. Tiny tiny surf for the next few days. Time to get the SUP out!今天早上在日月湾多雾,拍不到照片。有肚子高的浪。 Barret getting a punt in at the Read the full article…

February 20th, 2012年2月20日

Waves still coming through today in Riyue Bay, head-high plus. Get on it now, as it should fade throughout the day. Tomorrow should still be rib- to chest-high, but then that will be the end of this swell. Some more pics from yesterday’s session at Ghost Hotel.今天日月湾的浪跟昨天差不多。还有比人高的浪。现在玩吧,因为马上会小一点。明天应该还有雄高的浪,以后就没了。下图是昨天在鬼酒店的。

Feburary 17th, 2012年2月17日

Thigh- to waist-high waves rolling through Riyuewan this morning. Huge temperature change from warm and sunny yesterday. Chilly, overcast with offshore winds. All signs still good for a thumping swell this weekend.现在日月湾有大腿到肚子高的浪。天气比昨天冷得多。风起来了。下午应该更大。周末的预报还是特别漂亮!有空救过来!没有空还要过来玩!

February 16th, 2012年2月16日

Still tiny as out there, but the forecasts are still showing great things for this weekend. Here are a few pics of Christophe and me paddling around Riyuewan yesterday.今天还有非常小的浪。但周末的预报还是非常非常好。下图是昨天我和豆腐玩桨板。 Ghost Hotel doesn’t look so ominous on a sunny day Christophe happy that there are some waves ahead on the back beach Practicing the turns Christophe Read the full article…

February 15th, 2012年2月15日

今天日月湾有非常小的浪。但这个周末的预报还是特别好。应该是这个季节最大的!Pretty much dead flat this morning, but it’s just the calm before the storm. The forecast for this weekend is still looking blinding. Could be the biggest swell of the season. Mainland surfers, this is the weekend to come down! Take Monday off as well. And Tuesday! Swellwatch’s forecast for Sunday 星期天的预报 Today. Yep that’s Read the full article…

February 14th, 2012年2月14日

Some more decent waves yesterday. Chest-high on the set. Smaller today at belly-high. Still looking really good for the weekend. It should be head-high by Saturday, with Sunday looking to be absolute fire. Easy overhead sets. Still a bit away, so don’t get too excited yet. 昨天浪不错。大雄高的。下个周末的预报还像非常好。星期六会有人高的浪。星期天会有比人高的浪。  

February 12th, 2012年2月12日

Belly-high waves coming through Riyuewan today. Look for smaller surf over the next few days, then a chance for a nice fat swell coming in for next weekend. Looks to be quite big. so we’ll keep our eyes on the forecast. Fingers crossed!今天日月湾有肚子高的浪。这下来的几天会小一点。等下个周末会有大浪。