March 30th, 2012年3月30日

A bit smaller than yesterday, but the best conditions of the swell happening right now. Head-high plus sets, glassy clean walls. That stubborn section at the main point isn’t there, and set waves are connecting to the inside section. Bright sunny day. Just had an unreal session with a Kiwi friend whose identity I’ve been asked not to reveal, as he is playing hooky from work to come get this swell in Hainan. Smart choice!

March 24th, 2012年3月24日

Tiny waves in the water today, but there has been a huge temperature drop and the wind was howling all last night. Swell on the way! Now it is looking like Tuesday and Wednesday will be the best two days. Should be head-high plus.

日月湾Riyue Bay main point

Yesterday’s surf lesson 昨天冲浪课程

March 17th, 2012年3月17日

Last swell was pretty decent, getting up to head-high sets. Some pics below. Riyue Bay today is back to knee- to thing-high surf, and it looks to continue that way for the next few days. We should have a mini swell coming in for Thursday and Friday. Fingers crossed! In the mean time, take out a big longboard or an SUP and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

三天前有很好的浪. 看下图。今天日月湾浪小。这下来的四五天应该差不多。等星期四,五会有大一点的浪。