April 28th, 2012年4月28日

Building swell in the water today. It was only knee-high this morning but it has grown to belly- high. Tomorrow should be in the chest-high range, with shoulder-high waves for Monday through Wednesday. Tuesday looks the best, where we could see head-high sets. Looking to be the biggest day of the summer season so far.

April 26th, 2012年4月26日

Fun surf for the past few days. It will drop down to smallness for the next few until it picks back up again on Sunday. Then it looks good for four or five days of surf in the chest-high plus range. It should get up to head-high for Tuesday and Wednesday. Below are some pics from yesterday afternoon at Ghost Hotel. I’m super stoked to still see it working on a south swell. Not nearly as good as during the NE swells of fall and winter, but still pretty fun.







April 15th, 2012年4月15日

Tiny shin-high slop in the water today. Should be marginally bigger tomorrow, and a bit of a bump later in the week. Nothing to get too excited about. At least the weather is amazing.

Chris from California, came down to check out Hainan after another business trip in the mainland

Yesterday’s surf lesson. 22-year-old uni student from Haikou

April 13th, 2012年4月15日

Thigh- to waist-high waves today in Riyue Bay on a bit of a south push. Have my good friend Eli’s cousin in town, as well as a Chinese-Australian girl. Got them both standing on tons of waves this morning. Not a whole lot on the horizon for waves. Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and go out for a paddle, a swim, a run, etc. Everything outdoors is better in Riyue Bay!


Eli’s cousin Max from New York

View of Riyue Bay from the Ghost Hotel

On the top of Ghost Hotel