April 2012

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April 28th, 2012年4月28日

Building swell in the water today. It was only knee-high this morning but it has grown to belly- high. Tomorrow should be in the chest-high range, with shoulder-high waves for Monday through Wednesday. Tuesday looks the best, where we could see head-high sets. Looking to be the biggest day of the summer season so far.今天日月湾有肚子高的浪。明天应该有胸高的。星期一到星期三都会有肩膀高的浪。星期二是最好的,可能有人高的浪。

April 15th, 2012年4月15日

Tiny shin-high slop in the water today. Should be marginally bigger tomorrow, and a bit of a bump later in the week. Nothing to get too excited about. At least the weather is amazing.今天日月湾有小腿高的浪。明天应该大一点,但还不是太好。天气非常好。 Chris from California, came down to check out Hainan after another business trip in the mainland Yesterday’s surf lesson. 22-year-old uni Read the full article…