May 2012

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May 22nd, 2012年5月22日

Small waves these last few days. Perfect conditions for our lessons. Over the next few days there will be a tiny east push. Quite odd for this time of year. Then back to a tiny south push for the weekend.这上来几天浪比较小。特别合适我们冲浪课。明后天有一点东方的浪。五月份有东方的浪很奇怪!然后周末有小的南方的浪。

May 17th, 2012年5月17日

今天有非常干净大腿高的浪。期待这下来的几天都差不多。星期六最大的,肚子高的浪。 Super glassy knee- to thigh-high surf today. Expect the same conditions for the next few days, with a bump on Saturday which should bring belly-high surf to Riyue Bay. Perfect conditions for our  surf lessons this morning. Small storms off the coast yesterday evening    

May 7th, 2012年5月7日

Knee-high waves today in Riyuewan. The super moon we’ve been having for the last few days has made the tides huge. Check out how low it was this afternoon. Pics from the main point and Ghost Hotel.今天有膝盖高德浪。因为今天是月亮离地球最近的一天,所以退潮很厉害。