June 2012

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June 26th, 2012年6月26日

Thigh-high wind waves in Riyue Bay as the sun sets on Tuesday evening. After a good four days of surf last week, we are back to small surf for the foreseeable future. Perfect for surf lessons but that’s about it. 今天晚上日落时候日月湾有大腿高的浪。上个星期浪都不错,但现在夏天小浪回来了。 See previous reports by clicking here.

June 23rd, 2012年6月23日

端午节快乐!今天日月湾有大腿高的浪。很多本地人过来游泳。明后天会大一点,有胸高的浪。A Happy Dragon Boat Day to our readers. Dragon Boat has had ridable waves every year for the past five years. Although we only have thigh- to waist-high waves in the water now. The surf should be a bit bigger for the next few days, in the chest-high range.  

June 22nd, 2012年6月22日

Back to thigh-high windslop up here. Good conditions for lessons this afternoon. Below are a few pics from Ghost Hotel on Tuesday afternoon. Love that wave. Super fast and really challenging. By Sunday we should see belly- to chest-high surf, with similar conditions for mid-week. 今天有大腿高的浪。后天才开始有好的浪。下图是星期二下午鬼屋(Ghost Hotel) 的浪。我很喜欢那个浪。很快而挑战.

June 17th Update 6月17日更新

Super fun conditions this evening. Belly-high clean peelers on the point. It resembles fall conditions out there, right down to the off-shore wind. A tropical depression is passing  eastward just south of Hainan. Really strange pattern. Unless the swell direction changes drastically, we could see some EPIC conditions tomorrow, as the depression moves directly south Read the full article…

June 12th, 2012年6月12日

今天日月湾山后浪点有肩膀高的浪。今早我,阿文,阿泉和小朱玩得很开心!明天应该更大.你干嘛不过来冲浪吗?Chest- to shoulder-high surf on the back beach today. Still quite windy, but some fun right-handers coming through. Sunny skies and a building swell for the rest of the week. Get up here! Xiao Zhu and A Wen watching the rights coming through A Quan has a pre-surf stretch Consistent rights to be had Xiao Read the full article…