July 2012

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July 21st, 2012年7月21日

Took some customers on a paddle out to the Ghost Hotel yesterday. Good fun on a really small day. See pics below. Tropical Storm Vicente’s rain arms have just arrived. It’s pouring down, but still only waist high. We’ll keep you updated. Could be a few great days of surf.昨天我带了两个客人划桨板去鬼屋。热带暴风杜苏芮的雨脚已经到我们了。现在下很大雨。浪只有肚子高。这下来的两天应该非常有意思! See previous reports by clicking Read the full article…

July 20th, 2012年7月20日

今天日月湾有大腿高的特别干净浪。今早很多朋友过来玩了。明天应该差不多.星期二要起来一个热带暴风在海南的东南部。可能它会给我们很大的浪。现在还是太早说的确定。Thigh-high glassy waves this morning in Riyue Bay. We were joined by a few friends for a fun longboard session. It looks like we will have some tropical activity later in the week, as a depression forms to our southeast. It is too early to say much yet, but this could be a really good Read the full article…

July 11th, 2012年7月11日

今天有膝盖高的浪。这个周末还看起来像不错,会有胸高的浪。Knee-high surf today. SUP time. The forecast is still looking decent for the weekend. We should see belly- to chest-high surf, carrying on in to the following week. Brendan on the back beach Christophe paddling around the point The board caught the wave, but the rider did not. Riyue Bay Back Beach

July 9th, 2012年7月9日

Summertime monsoon rains passing through Riyue Bay at the moment. The surf is about waist-high. Look for a bit of a bump over the next few days, with a chance of shoulder-high surf for the weekend.今天日月湾下很大雨。水里有肚子高的浪。明后天大一点,然后周末会有人高的浪。

July 6th, 2012年7月6日

Shin- to knee-high surf today. Had a late afternoon session with Christophe. It should be better for tomorrow, with belly-high surf. At the very least, there will be decent longboard waves in the water for the coming week. 今天日月湾有膝盖高的浪。明天会有肚子高的,然后这下来的一个星期都会有不错的长板浪。