July 21st, 2012年7月21日

Took some customers on a paddle out to the Ghost Hotel yesterday. Good fun on a really small day. See pics below. Tropical Storm Vicente’s rain arms have just arrived. It’s pouring down, but still only waist high. We’ll keep you updated. Could be a few great days of surf.







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July 20th, 2012年7月20日

Thigh-high glassy waves this morning in Riyue Bay. We were joined by a few friends for a fun longboard session. It looks like we will have some tropical activity later in the week, as a depression forms to our southeast. It is too early to say much yet, but this could be a really good swell producer for Hainan. We’ll keep you updated.

TZ 铁桩
Monica 茄子
Justin 田乐
Xiao Jing 小静
Zack 莫弘
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July 17th, 2012年7月17日

Belly-high surf today in Riyue Bay. We’ve got a cool girl from Beijing who has been learning to surf for the past few days. And Rebecca has a new dog that we are trying to get to surf.

The next week does not look to great. Longboard waves in the thigh-high range. We are halfway through July and haven’t had a typhoon yet! Boo!



Killing it on day number two


A Shan tries to get Boxun to surf


These camels were used at the tourist zone for tourists to ride and pose with for pictures. But the guy that ran that business gave it up. So now the camels are free, and roam around Riyue Bay eating vegetation. Pretty cool!

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