August 2012

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August 8th, 2012年8月8日

Belly-high surf in the water today, but the wind is all over it. We’ve got a few European couples in town for lessons. It should be prety similar over the next few days, but get on it for dawn patrol or in the later afternoon to get the cleanest waves. Onshores prevail throughout the day.祝大家八八快乐!今天日月湾有胸高的浪。有一些欧洲客人过来学冲浪了!

August 5th, 2012年8月5日

Okay dear friends, the coming week is looking pretty decent. We’ve got belly- to chest-high waves in the water today, and the next week will remain this way, if not getting a bit better at times. Nothing spectacular, but enough to keep Hainan’s surf nuts happy.你好朋友们!这下来的一个星期的浪都会很不错。有肚子高以下的浪。不是非常好,但会让海南的冲浪者都高兴!