November 2012

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Hiring Surf Instructors 招募冲浪教练

Riyue Bay Surfing Hainan Surf Club is currently accepting applications for Surf Instructors Requirements-Bilingual in Chinese and EnglishFour years of surfing experienceExperience teaching surfingProficient with Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, photo and video editing software, website maintenance, and social media.  Extremely outgoing with excellent customer service High degree of initiativeWillingness to be of assistance Read the full article…

November 8th 2012年11月8日

The open beaches in Riyue Bay are messy now, chest-high and knee-high surf. Tomorrow will be a bit smaller.日月湾现在的海浪有一点乱,有胸高和腿高的浪。明天的浪会小一点。 Below is one picture from the surf this morning, and three from a session on the point break yesterday afternoon.下面第一张是今早冲浪者的照片,以下三张则是昨天下午的照片。