April 27th, 2013年4月27日

今天一点浪都没有。玩排球!明天开始气浪。看下个周末的预报,XSories 比赛的时候会有肚子高的浪。
Dead flat today. Tomorrow will have knee-high waves and then growing a bit over the next few days. We can see a forecast for the XSories Surf and Skate competition on May 4th, and it is looking like we should have some belly-high surf. We will kep an eye on it.

XSories Jalenboo(戒浪.不)冲浪和滑板比赛

xsories jalenboo . surf  skate competition poster800






主办方预计在男子冲浪的中铁桩会是此次比赛的冠军。铁桩是从蒙古海南居住的一位自由青年他参加过许多国际专业冲浪比赛。另外还有男子冲浪选手庙宇,天乐,庙宇 天乐 在海南已经玩冲浪5年。他们最有可能会成为这场比赛的冠军的争夺热点。






这场比赛将邀海南冲浪爱好者,创造中国最多人数一起抓一个浪的记录预计有三十左右的冲浪者参与,并期它成一年一度的传统除此外,还会举行一场冲浪趣味比赛,专业选手们可能会打扮成各式各样,莎士比亚,海盗,芭蕾舞女,或者跟狗狗,猫猫一起。 通过喜剧和技术融合,表达冲浪人的内涵。

主办方会在白天的比赛中做最好的沙滩party。沙烤和啤酒,当夜晚逐渐降临,来自英国的DJ Daven将旋他最喜的曲目。

XSories将有一个电影首映,放映名字是Sight & Sound (关于冲浪的电影)和 Perpetual Motion关于滑板影)。告片同时也会在XtremeVideo播放。


男士长板 - 第一名 2000元,第二名 1200元,第三名 600元,第四名 200元
女士长板 - 第一名 2000元,第二名 1200元,第三名 600元,第四名 200元
16岁以下 -
第一名 1000元,第二名 500元,第三名 300元,第四名 200元

男士长板 - 第一名 2000元,第二名 1200元,第三名 600元,第四名 200元
16岁以下 -
第一名 1000元,第二名 500元,第三名 300元,第四名 200元

XSories Jalenboo 戒浪.不 Surf & Skate Contest

Click here to download the entry form

On May 4th, Hainan’s Riyue Bay will be host to an event the first of it’s kind ever in Hainan, when the two extreme boardsports of surfing and skateboarding come together in one competition.

Held in beautiful Riyue Bay, China’s surf capital, on the holiday weekend of May 4th, the surfing portion of the event will be a longboard competition, with separate divisions for Men, Women, and Under 16s. Competing will take place on the beach break in front of the Riyue Bay Surf Club. The skateboard portion of the competition will be held on the club’s 1.2m mini-ramp, as well as on a variety of street skating modules, with separate divisions for Men and Under 16s. Organizers expect about 40 competitors for each discipline of surfing and skateboarding.

Edouard Moreau, Marketing and Sales Director of XSories, the presenting sponsor of the com- petition, said “We are proud and excited to support the competition, Hainan Island and Riyue Bay stays definitely the best place for surfing in China. With a new concrete skateboarding ramp on the beach, the Riyue Bay Surf Club provides the best utilities for surfing and skateboarding to all the local kids. The XSories Jalenboo Surf & Skate will be a unique event in China which combines surf and skate skills. XSories will bring new and innovative solutions to all the surf and skate fans during the event.”

There will be prize money of 19,000 rmb ($3,000 USD), which will attract the best surfers and skaters from Hainan and beyond.

Favorites in the surfing discipline in the Men’s group is Tiezhuang, a Hainan resident who is originally from Mongolia. With his experience in several international professional surf competitions, he looks to come away with a high result. Other frontrunners will be Jack Miao and Justin Tiller, both Chinese surfers who have been honing their skills on Hainan for the past five years.

In the women’s longboard division, organizers expect Darci Liu and Monica Guo to be the two competitors to beat, as both have competed in international competitions and are known for their grace and style on longboards.

In the Under-16s division, many young competitors will get their first taste of competing. Ten members of the Riyue Bay Surf Team will compete against a few more experience young surfers. They will look to better Qiu Zhou, the only surfer in the Under-16s division who has competition experi- ence.

In the skateboarding competition, competitors will show their skills on a combination of mini-ramp and street skate modules. Favorites include Xie Zeliang 谢泽梁 , who came in third place in the 2013 Haikou Skate Shop Comeptiiton, and Da Fei 大飞 who finished second in the 2012 World Skateboarding Day Competition. Both are local Hainan skateboarders who will look to take top place on their home turf.

The members of the local surf community will be invited to help set a China national record for the most number of surfers on one wave. Organizers look to have around thirty surfers participate, and anticipate it becoming an annual tradition. Additionally, there will be a Crazy Surf division, where surfers will be invited to do the most bizarre and exciting thing they can think of on a wave, whether it be wearing odd clothing, taking their pets surfing, or riding a non-traditional board.

Organizers hope to create the best beach party Hainan has ever seen. With barbeque and beers available all day on the beach, the party will crescendo at night after the prize-giving ceremony, when DJ Daven from the UK will spin his favorite tracks for the crowd.

A movie screening during or before the party with the two international movies premiere : “Sight & Sound » (surfing movie) and “Perpetual Motion” (skateboarding movie). Movie trailers are coming soon on the XtremeVideo Youku Channel : x-tremevideo

Prize Money
Men’s – 1st Place 2,000 rmb, 2nd Place 1,200 rmb, 3rd Place 600 rmb, 4th Place 200 rmb
Women’s – 1st Place 2,000 rmb, 2nd Place 1,200 rmb, 3rd Place 600 rmb, 4th Place 200 rmb
Under 16’s –
1st Place 1,000 rmb, 2nd Place 500 rmb, 3rd Place 300 rmb, 4th Place 200 rmb

Men’s – 1st Place 2,000 rmb, 2nd Place 1,200 rmb, 3rd Place 600 rmb, 4th Place 200 rmb
Under 16’s –
1st Place 1,000 rmb, 2nd Place 500 rmb, 3rd Place 300 rmb, 4th Place 200 rmb

April 9, 2013年4月9日

We are back online after some extended technical difficulties. We are in the transition surf season now, as we switch from the northeast swells of summer into the south swells of summer. We’ve been busy getting more and more people surfing. It’s great to see the sport continue to grow!