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May 25th, 2013年5月25日

Waist-high surf in the water today, and pretty clean. Some thunderstorms passing by, with short bursts of heavy rain. It is officially summertime in Hainan.Below are some pictures of our surf kids from this morning.今天有腰高的浪。有的时候下很大雨,打雷。这个就代表夏天来海南了!下面有今早冲浪队的照片。

May 22nd, 2013年5月22日

Some pretty decent surf over the past few days, with some periods with chest-high waves. It’s still about belly high out there now. Look for a drop in size for the next few days, with waist-high longboard surf. 这几天的浪都不错。最高的有胸高的浪。现在还有肚高的浪。这下来的几天浪会小一点,会有腰高的浪。 Mikey, arguably the best surfer living in Hainan. I love shooting when Mike is surfing, because Read the full article…

May 16th, 2013年5月16日

The swell has started to come in, although it is a bit of a mess out there now with 10 to 15 knot side-onshore winds. Some belly-high plus sets coming through. It should be up to chest-high surf coming through for tomorrow and Saturday.浪已经开始近来了,但风比较大,浪比较乱。有度高的浪。明后天都会有胸高的浪。

China Record – Most People on One Wave

On May 4th, 2013 in Hainan, surfers and spectators at the XSories Jalenboo Surf and Skate Contest set out to set the China record for most people riding one wave. After three attempts, the best result was fifteen people.

XSories “Jalenboo戒浪.不”冲浪和滑板比赛结果和视频

打击这在优酷看视频 在一个美丽的阳光灿烂的日子,在中国的热带岛屿省份海南,冲浪和滑板选手聚集日月湾首个年度XSories主赞助的海南冲浪和滑板比赛。 大腿到腰高的浪,给选手们足够展示自己才华的机会。男子,女子和16岁以下下的第一名非别是来自内蒙古的铁桩,桂林阳朔的郭淑娟,乌克兰的Artem John。这是在海南第一次比赛中,大多数的选手是中国人,代表着最近五年,冲浪运动在中国提高的很快。   滑板比赛中,竞争对手在1.2米的U池和蓝色夏威夷提供的街式道具上比赛。男子滑板比赛第一名的选手是来自俄罗斯的萨沙,16岁以下的冠军来自四川成都的邱灼。 这场比赛中还有一个非常大的亮点,由此时主管Brendan组织了在中国国内最多人抓一个浪的记录,选手和孩子们非常享受这个过程。它创造了最成功的一次有15个人共同抓起了一个浪,观众们非常激动。这是冲浪大家庭对冲浪最好的纪念! 当夜晚降临,由来自英国的DJ Daven开始了最热烈沙滩狂欢party。 XSories营销总监爱德华·莫罗说:“XSories很骄傲参加这场活动,很荣幸成为其中的一部分,我们期待俱乐部举办更多的精彩赛事!“ 比赛结果 Surfing 冲浪 男子 Men’s 1 铁站 Tie Zhuang 2 Edouard Moreau Edouard Moreau 3 黄文 Huang Wen 4 邱哥 Qiu Ge 女子 Women’s 1 郭 Monica Guo 2 李钠 Lina 3 韩小姐 Wendy Han 16岁以下 Under 16s 1 Artem John Artem John 2 黄隐隐 Read the full article…

May 1st, 2013年5月1日

Small clean surf again this holiday morning. Lots of lessons and our surf kids getting more practice in before the competition. Waves should be chest high on the 4th. 今早又有干警的小浪。很多人来日月湾学习冲浪,我们冲浪队准备比赛。四号比赛天应该有胸高。 Below are pictures from this morning of Huang Yunke, a twelve-year-old member of our surf team. He has been really getting the hang of riding Read the full article…