June 2013

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June 16th, 2013年6月16日

Clean thigh-high surf today in Riyue Bay. Similar conditions for the next few days, and possibly a bump for Thursday and Friday with belly-high surf. Below is a sequence of Huang Yunweng on a nice wave yesterday. He is progressing very nicely.今天日月湾有大腿高的浪。这下来几天都差不多,然后可能星期四五会有肚子高的浪。下面有昨天黄云翁特别漂亮的一个浪。

June 13th, 2013年6月13日

今天一点都没有浪。玩桨板!下面是昨天在日月湾过无端节.这个周末会有膝盖到大腿高的浪,星期一腰高。Dead flat out there now boys and girls. Knee- to thigh-high surf for the weekend, and waist-high for Monday.Some pics from Dragonboat Festival in Riyue Bay yesterday.