April 20, 2011年四月20日

Today was a day of extremes.  We arrived at Riyuewan at high tide with strong lines of whitewater rolling onto the beach, which made the lessons challenging and gave the students an incredible workout.  We ended the day at low tide with mellow little waves rolling in, which I’m sure the students appreciated since they were already tired from the morning session.  Everyone did quite well especially considering how much energy we all spent in the ocean today.

Today’s swell was about 2 to 2.5 meters with waist to head high waves in the morning, dropping to knee to waist high waves by the late afternoon.  The wind was blowing onshore for the entire day, making for choppy conditions.




These guys were ready for a second and third session after an intense morning.  虽然早上的教课很辛苦但是他们再冲了三次。


Fortunately the afternoon’s waves were much easier to paddle through.  好在下午的浪没有早上的那么大。