December 20th 2010年12月20日

Great conditions today. Super clean waves. Not too much size, but it was perfect for our lessons this morning. See pictures below. It will drop a little bit more for the next two days. Probably about thigh- to waist-high. Then we’ll get another swell building, peaking over the weekend. This swell is forecasted to peak at three meters on Sunday, which should mean head-high surf up at Riyuewan.

今天浪虽然有一点小,但是浪非常漂亮。明后天浪也不大,但是这个周末会再有一个不错的swell. 最大的是星期天。3米高的swell会有1人呢么高。下图是今天拍的


Getting set up at Mama’s 在妈妈海鲜饭店准备上冲浪课

Group Paddle640

About belly-high, and super clean. Gorgeous conditions for learning.



Success! 成功了!


Down she goes! She persevered  to go get a few more good one before the day was over.