July 14th 2011年07月14日 Weekend Forecast and Report- 周末的预测和报告

There is a Typhoon close to the south of Japan that will send us some good waves again. The swell is starting to build up today and might give us waves for the whole week with a 2.5m swell on Friday and Saturday and a 2.1m swell on Sunday with pretty ligh onshore wind. Because of the extremely high and low full moon tides, the next few mornings and late afternoons won’t be very good. The best time to surf will be in between tides. Click Tide Chart for more detailed information.


Today we expect some good 1.4m swell in between tides from noon to 5pm.

07.14 Northeast japan swell map

South Japan’s typhoon sending swell to Hainan for the whole week –  (Magicseaweed.com)

07.14 hainan swell map

Next Saturday swell forecast map for Hainan –  (Magicseaweed.com)

06.28 left side

Today 9.30am high tide at Dadonghai –