July 1st 2011年07月01日

There is a 1.1 swell heating Dadonghai bay that might be enough for a nice longboard session in the afternoon. Because of the extremely low tide the best time to surf will be in between tides (from 13.00 to 16.00).

今天在大东海有1.1米高的波浪,为一个下午的长板冲浪这是够。今天下午6点钟有潮得很退,所以从下午1点到4点应该是 最好的冲浪时间。

07.01 Right side

West side of the bay – 在大东海湾的西边。

07.01 Front

At the front of the shop – 在冲浪海南俱乐部的前面。

07.01 left side

East side of the bay – 在大东海湾的东边。