July 29th 2011年07月29日 Typhoon Update – 台风更新

Dadonghai is still flat but some locals have told me that yesterday some spots in the east coast went off.

According to the forecast, this late afternoon the swell might change direction from north-east to west, and tomorrow it should turned to south swell. The wind shouldn’t get stronger than 10 knots. This means that we might get some pretty good waves at Dadonghai soon. Check out the following  Magicseaweed Swell Chart Maps:



07.29 swell map1

Today afternoon forecast: 6 to 9 ft  west swell –

07.29 swell map2

Saturday 30th 7am: 9 to 12ft south-west swell –

07.29 flat rainy

This morning’s disappointment at Dadonghai –