July 30th 2011年07月30日 13:30 Update – 更新

Typhoon Luotan isn’t as big as we expected, according to the forecast today the swell decreased to a 2.6m,it looks around shoulder high. There is no wind but still a bit messy now. Should get better in the afternoon, low tide will be at 18.30.

据预测,今天有2.6米高的浪,差不多肩膀高。 现在风静了但浪仍有点乱。这个下午应该是比较好, 退潮是下午6.30点。

07.30 Aussi

More and more people from Oz coming to surf Hainan

07.30 Daniel (2)

Today 13:00

07.30 left

Dadonghai 9am  – 大东海 9am