March 22,2011年三月22日

Today we had onshore windy and nearly flat conditions for most of the day. By late afternoon the wind died down and small little lines were rolling onto the beach—a good indication for the swell that is expected to arrive tomorrow.

Today’s group hails from Barcelona, Spain. They taught me a phrase of Catalan but I’ve already forgotten. These guys did very well considering how small the waves were and later enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Mama’s over cold beer and a nice sea view.



今天的学生都是从西班牙巴塞罗那来的。他们教了我一句加泰罗尼亚话但是我已经忘记这么说! 他们冲得很好,尤其是因为浪很小和风大。他们享受了妈妈饭店的冷啤酒和漂亮的海风景。


Barça: mes que un club.


Go Roger, go!