March 8, 2010年三月八日

Today we were expecting the swell to top out 2.4 meters but we arrived at Riyuewan to find flat conditions on the point and small dumping waves on the beach.  By late afternoon the swell began filling in and we enjoyed a couple hours of chest-high waves before heading back to Sanya.  Today was cool and misty in contrast to yesterday’s hot and sunny weather.

Today we were joined by Stefan from Germany, who spent the last three days surfing before heading back to Shanghai and then back to his home country.

今天我们期望胸高的浪但是我们来到日月湾的时候大海好像湖那么平静。好在下午两三点的时候开始起浪。  我们在胸高的浪玩了两个小时之后才回三亚。今天没有昨天那么热,反而乌云密布有点冷飕飕。

这几天有一位德国人和我们一起去日月湾冲浪。 今天他回上海,然后回德国的家。