November 10th 2008 11月10日

My friend Fred told me it was a bit cocky to call it Magic Monday before it even happened, saying that I was going to jinx it. Out at Nanyanwan today, it was at least a foot overhead, with the bigger sets lining up all the way through, making for half-minute rides. There were never more than four people out on the peak. It was the best it’s been so far this season, and I had some of the best rides I’ve had for ages.

But Fred was still right about the surf gods,.as the water was teeming with jellyfish. Really nasty things, a translucent peach color, some with tentacles at least a foot and a half long. And they had some painful stings. There was no way to avoid being stung every five to ten minutes. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get two good sessions in. But I certainly paid for it afterwards.

So yeah, I reckon the waves were pretty magic. But we’ll probably instead, using the Chinese word for jellyfish, refer to this day as Shui Mu Monday. Christ some of those stings were really hell!