October 23rd 2008 10月23日

A few fun days at Houhai Bay the last few days. About chest-high on the set waves. Still nothing too good happening with the banks there though. You have to be picky and wait for a wave that is lining up well. It should stay in the chest-high size for east-facing spots for the next few days, and by Sunday we should start to see enough size to get into the Shimei spots. Monday is looking really good. Bigger than the last swell, which didn’t quite get head-high.

过去几日在后海度过了愉快的时刻,3、4个齐胸高的浪连续一组持续不断。海底沙丘的移动并未使浪况有所好转,你只能等待时机挑选那些为数不多的推行 既远又 稳的涌。未来几天,在东海岸东朝向一带依然会持续同样的齐胸高的浪。周日在石梅湾一带将开始出现足够高的浪,到下周一则会很好,比上一次并不完全都是及头 高的浪要好很多。