September 20th, 2011年9月20日

Knee- to thigh-high waves as tiny south swell dies out.  Looking good for the weekend on the east coast, as we enter our transition season. September and October can get either south or east swell, and then by November it is the proper east season.



Some pics from today. It was Artem from Russia’s second lesson. Doing awesome, today he had about thirty decent rides. Pretty rare I must say.

一些来自今天的照片。是来自俄罗斯的Artem,这是他的第二节课,他今天差不多抓了三十多个好浪。 我必须说非常的熟练。

He had been riding goofy-footed all yesterday and today, except for one wave he spontaneously gave regular-foot a try. And succeeded!


Colin from Sydney 科林来自悉尼