Weekend Forecast 周末预报

The word on the Yezi Wuxian (extra points if you get that) is that the first east swell of the season is already bringing some chest- to shoulder-high surf to Riyuewan. We’re headed up tomorrow. It’s looking good for the weekend indeed. Should get to head-high, probably a little bigger.


The swell direction with these premier northeast swells can be a bit more east than later in the season. Plus there is the chance that some sand has shifted in Riyuewan over the summer south swells, meaning some point breaks might not behave as they usually do.


We’ve got the National Day holiday coming soon. We’ve had surf from a tropical cyclone for each of the previous five National Day golden weeks that I’ve been here. Maybe I’ve grown apophenic, but I’m predicting we’ll get one this year as well. Like how there is always good surf on Dragon Boat day in the early summer.


Forecast for Saturday

Forecast for Sunday