Weekend forecast: Typhoon waves! – 周末预测:台风的浪!

There is a typhoon coming from Philippines that should hit Hainan on Friday for the whole weekend, so get ready and book your tickets to the Island.


According to the forecast, a 4m southwest swell will hit Dadonghai from Saturday to Sunday; with low wind on Saturday morning and off-shore winds on Sunday afternoon. Although on Monday the swell will decrease to half of the size, the wind will completely die so we reckon that it will be the cleanest day. We will report an update later on the week.

07.26 forecast swell Wednsday 07.26 forecast swell friday

Wednesday 27th: Typhoon is over passing Philippines. Friday 29th: Typhoon getting closer to Hainan.

07.26 forecast swell saturday 07.26 forecast swell Sunday

Saturday 30th: Hitting Hainan,  8 to 10 feet south-west swell. Sunday 31st: 12 to 15 feet south-west swell.

Images from www.swellwatch.com