Weekend Surf Forecast June 4-5, 2011年六月4-5日

This weekend looks like the first of the summer’s genuine south swells, with a 0.8 meter swell hitting Dadonghai on Friday and building to 1.7 meters by Sunday.  This swell is forecasted to last until at least next Thursday.  Winds look light this weekend but will be onshore.  Low tide is at 20:30 on Saturday and 21:12 on Sunday.  Should be a fun week up ahead!  Saturday’s pic below.

这个周末会出现夏季的第一个好浪在大东海。星期五有0。8 米高的浪,星期天将达到1。7米。浪会一直维持到下个星期四。这个周末风不会很大但是离岸很近。星期六20:30退潮,星期天21:12退潮。这个星期应该很好玩!周六的照片在下面。