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Surfing Hainan, founded in 2007, has brought the joy of surfing to thousands of people in Hainan, China’s tropical island province. Specializing in surf lessons (for individuals and groups),  stand up paddleboard lessons, with a wide variety of boards and equipment for rental and sale, Surfing Hainan can cater to all surfing needs. We have taught over 2,500 people to surf over the past five years.

Surfing Hainan has held four international surfing competitions,  many group surfing events, and beach clean ups. Our passion for bringing surf to China has been featured in much international media. We look forward to continuing on our path until there are surfers up and down China’s vast coast, and Hainan is known as the capital of China surf.

Located in Riyue Bay, a gorgeous beach on Hainan’s east coast, Surfing Hainan is right on top of China’s best surf spot.



From left to right – A Feng (sponsored local surfer), Steven, Brendan, Darci, Moyu (sponsored local surfer), and Julieta