And the Winners Are…

The first ever Surfing Hainan Stand Up Paddle/Run Biathlon has come to an end!  Official times below:

冲浪海南首次组办的站立浆板划水/ 跑步两项竞赛结束了!以下为参与者:

Place Competitor SUP Time Run Time Total
1 Matt Hammond 0:56 0:24 1:18
2 Kirill Litvinov 1:01 0:31 1:32
3 Huang Wen 1:03 0:38 1:41
4 Brendan Sheridan 1:13 0:32 1:45
5 Jym Cotton 1:23 0:23 1:46
6 Mona Li 1:42 0:16 1:58

Congratulations to this year’s winner, Matt Hammond!  We had some very exciting revelations this year, with two inexperienced stand up paddle racers coming in second and third.  By the way, check out Mona’s smoking 5 km time of 16 minutes.  She might have finished last but I doubt any of the competitors would want to face off with her in a straight run!  Our competitors did a great job today to fight through the wind and sun and salt to finish the race with pride.

恭喜今年的获奖者,Matt Hammond!今年比赛过程中有些非常精彩兴奋的片段,两位没有经验的浆板划水参赛者相比过程中从第二到了第三。顺便看下Mona’s在短短16分钟的时间里跑完5公里。虽然她是最后一名,但是我怀疑任何一位竞赛者都不想跟她单一跑步挑战赛!我们的参赛者今天很在灼热的烈日下还有风力的阻止下完成了今日的比赛。

Thank you to all our competitors and our sponsors for making this event possible.  Next up we’ve got the awards ceremony with some enviable prizes from Billabong, Rain Tree, and Skull Candy.

感谢所有的参赛者以及本次赛事的赞助商让这个活动能成功举办。下面将要进行的是颁奖仪式一些奖品是由Billabong,雨树背包客旅社,Skull Candy.

More pictures below:


Time to rest.



The supporter’s circle.




Allez le Jym!

加油 Jym!


C’mon Mona!

Mona 加油!



Raise the flag!